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Consumer Mediation

Consumer Mediation covers a number of areas and is very useful when the product breaks or a service is incomplete.  Mediation allows the parties in dispute to develop a mutually agreeable resolution through dialogue.  Every case is different, however Mediation offers a number of benefits over traditional litigation.

  • Confidentiality:  All Mediation sessions are confidential.  Each party signs an agreement to mediate and a confidentiality statement before the mediation begins.  If your dispute goes to court, you are in open public court.
  • Third Party Neutral:  Your mediator is a third party neutral.  It is the mediator’s job to remain unbiased in the dispute and facilitate an efficient and effective dialogue empowering the parties to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement.
  • Empowerment:  Mediation by definition empowers the parties to control the outcome of their dispute.  In litigation a judge or jury decides the outcome of your dispute.
  • Cost:  The cost of Mediation can very from mediator to mediator.  At align Resolution Services, our fee is $300 per party/side for a half day mediation.  A half day mediation is four (4) hours and is setup to accommodate the parties.  We never have a surcharge for evening or weekend mediation sessions.  Full day mediation sessions are $600 per party/side and include eight (8) hours of mediation and either a catered working lunch or light dinner.  Additional hours are $90 per party/side per hour.

  • Civil Mediation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Insurance Mediation
  • Court Mandated Mediation
  • Personal Injury Mediation
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Pre-Litigation Mediation
  • Neighborhood Disputes
  • School Disputes
  • Church Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Disability Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Probate / Estate

Divorce & Child Custody

A mediated divorce allows you to control the outcome within the guidelines of the state in which you reside.  The typical mediated divorce can take six or eight sessions over an eight to ten week period and the average cost is about $7,500.00.  The steps include:

  • A pre-meeting with the mediator and each spouse
  • Gathering information on all assets and debts by each spouse
  • Input of the information, by each spouce, into a system to aid in the mediation of the assets and debts
  • Several Mediation sessions empowering the parties to settle on division of property (assets and debts)
  • Complicated assets may require the addition of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) to the team
  • Producing a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) agreed upon by both parties
  • Write up of the final divorce degree referencing the MSA (called papering the divorce) referencing the MSA
  • Filing the final decree with the courts

Parent Coordination / Parent Facilitation

A Parent Coordinator is a person who is appointed by the court, or selected outside of the court, to assist divorced or divorcing parents in resolving child-centered or custody issues through confidential procedures.  The Parent Coordinator empowers parents to develop and implement a parenting plan.

The Parent Coordinator uses Education, Parent Support, Monitoring and Mediation to help parents develop methods for addressing and resolving conflict in an atmosphere that keeps the best interest of the child first and foremost.  The Parent Coordinator will rely on input and feedback from extended family, school staff and professionals involved with the child or children.

  • Identifying Disputes with Parenting Issues and Parenting Plans
  • Reducing Misunderstandings
  • Clarify Priorities
  • Problem Solve
  • Develop Methods of Collaborative Co-Parenting
  • Understand Parenting Plans
  • Comply with Court Orders Regarding Conservatorship or Possession of and Access to the Child or Children
  • Implement Parenting Plans

Parent Facilitator is a person who is appointed by the court to assist parents in resolving parenting issues using procedures that are not confidential.  (Texas Family Code sec. 153.601(3), (3-a).)

Elder Care

Family decisions affecting aging loved ones often give rise to family conflict.  With the help of a third party neutral mediator, family members can come together for a structured, confidential, quality dialogue.  Elder Mediation provides a forum for family decision-making allowing families to create a workable and mutually acceptable solution to difficult disputes and concerns.  Mediation also provides a forum to develop family communication strategies enabling successful decision making in the future.

  • End of Life Decision Making
  • Trusts and Inheritance
  • Memory Care
  • Distribution of Caregiving Responsibilities
  • Housing and Living Arrangements
  • Personal Care
  • Medical Care
  • Safety Concerns
  • Guardianship

At align Resolution Services, we believe in fair upfront costs for Mediation.  For Elder Mediation, our fee is $500 for a half day mediation.  A half day mediation is four (4) hours and is setup to accommodate all participating parties.  We never have a surcharge for evening or weekend mediation sessions.  Additional hours are $90 per hour.  At align Resolution Services we realize it may be difficult to coordinate the convergence of all participating parties.  To reduce stress and costs, we can arrange video and/or teleconference lines allowing for full inclusion.


our mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and reliable third party neutral mediation experience; empowering individuals and parties to take control of the circumstances and resolve their conflict.

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